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Why sophrology?

Sophrology is much more than a technique of well-being, it is a real technique of personal development . As such, it can very well be associated with an approach to prevent psychosocial risks and improve the quality of life at work . Dynamic relaxations are also perfectly suited to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Sophrology offers concrete answers that allow employees to reduce their anxiety , better manage their stress , restore their physical and mental energy , develop more positive feelings , and thereby prevent burnout . It improves self-confidence , and thus promotes hindsight , decision-making , and public speaking . By working on the harmony of body and mind , with its positive impact both at work and in private life, sophrology provides a better work / life balance.

The advantages for the company:

• An increase in employee motivation and efficiency

• A decrease in absenteeism

• Lower turnover

• A growing positive image among current and future customers and employees (“Great Place To Work”)

The impact is all the greater when managers are made aware of sophrology:

• A balanced employee performs better and actively contributes to team cohesion .

A balanced manager knows how to better prioritize his actions , support his team in change and challenge his employees in all kindness, in accordance with the values of the company . In summary, sophrology promotes a deep and lasting evolution of individuals which allows them to better face the collective challenges of the company.

Why me ?

I have a perfect knowledge of corporate life. My long experience of supervising managers in mass distribution gives me all the credibility to address both managers and their teams. I know how to lead change and I have always attached great importance to the well-being of employees, while guaranteeing results without which the company cannot move forward. My listening skills, my enthusiasm and my ability to adapt to different contexts and issues are a great asset.

How? 'Or' What ?

I offer different support formulas , according to your needs:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Recurring group lessons

Individual support

• “ Sophro hotlines

Thematic workshops with variable durations

• Occasional animations

Obviously, all options can be offered by videoconference.

Moreover, the current anxiety-provoking context as well as teleworking have given rise to new problems , both for managers and for employees. It is the responsibility of the company, but also in its interest, to give its employees simple tools to be able to face these problems.

Here are some examples of themes that I offer:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

• Know how to manage and federate by teleworking

• Reconcile work and private life by teleworking

• A change of direction? Know how to revitalize

• Eliminate muscle tension and know how to relax

• Make stress an ally

• Improve your ability to concentrate

• Reduce your anxiety

• Put your mind on pause to sleep well

• Dare to speak in public

What do you need ?

Contact me, I will be happy to provide you with a suitable offer.

Why sophrology?

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